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MedTech mobility tools

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Winfor MedTech team will be attending 2019 Swiss MedTech Expo

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Secure, GDPR approved, IOT connectivity

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OLM is Big Data ready software for medTech

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Win4MedTech is a team of IT professionals, developers and consultants with more than 21 years experience, focused in creating and maintainint OLM MedTech, the leading platform for Managing the day to day of a Medtech Wharehouse, QA/RA, supply Chain and Finance processes, from Order to Cash to collections.



We provide ROI proven processes and software fitted and tailored specifically for MedTech most common processes, including Loand and Consign process types. We differentiate MedTech from general Health and medicaments manufacturers companies where processes are linear and common to general industry standards.



We understand MedTech as a differentiate type of companies inside the Health sector with their own needs, processes and challenges.



Born in May 2016 to cover all needs, including services for a MedTech company. Currently we are leaders in Spain as Software provicers in the MedTech segment and expanding successfully to other EU countries



Our team includes experts in Big Data, IOT and most up to date technologies. We do our software codding in flutter (from Google) and .NET (Microsoft), as well as native IOS for mobility devices

What is OLM MedTech

What is OLM MedTech software

OLM MedTech

OLM MedTech Suite – Operations Lifecycle Management for Medical Technology companies – is a bundle of different programs and plugins for SAP/Axapta, GHX and EDI platforms, complements for electronic invoicing and Sharepoint documentation modules tailored to resolve the MedTech industry specific challenges.

Our flagship suite of products. Contains all products developed by Winfor in the last 4 years tailored to the MedTech industry, with the parametrization and customization services to link to SAP/Axapta and your BI and WMS systems.

Suite of MedTech services

OLM MedTech Components

Our software

  • Auxdit: perform stock counts at hospital, GS1, RFID … easy, with no wifi connectivity needed.
  • LoanBookings: order taking for loaners on your tablet or on cloud
  • ENVFAC: complement your electronic invoice with IA enabled workflows.
  • SCAN: sharepoint based intelligent repository allowing to scan and classify based on barcodes, including intelligent maskerading of sensible data.
  • EDI: enhanced EDI protocols allowing SAP to process natively loanset and consignment orders

Services: we complement woth contract based consultancy and flat fee services so you can have a 100% worry-free process.

GDPR and FDA compliant

Full GDPR, EMA and FDA compliant

We are a set of tekkies, yes. OLM MedTech is freshly coded with latest technologies: Cloud. BigData. Served in-house or as SaaS. API webpoints. Interfaces with most major software ERP platforms, BI platforms and yes, of course it does work on AWS or Azure as you would expect from a high-end software.

Yet, above all technitalities, we are fully aware of the strict MedTech industry regulatory boundaries. Our software is fully compliant with GDPR processes and all software we do produce can be easily SOX, HIPPA,  FDA and EMA compliancy audited with minimum effort from your part.

We have gone the extra mile to meet and exceed any required regulatory requisite so that the technical improvements do not create a headache on the regulatory side. And we are commited to it and keep on top of any new regulatory news to adapt all our portfolio before it gets enforced.


We do not only manufacture OLM Software, we have a wide range of Consultancy and optimization services at your disposal.


EDI: We have experts in EDI processes. From DESADV, INVOIC or FACTUE we can tweak and help you getting the electronic processes streamlined. We have expertise in working in aligment with the teams of Pagero, GHX, EDICOM and general PEPPOL challenges.

Supply Chain: Our expertise in RFID, GS1, HIBC and EAN13, label printing or optimization of warehouse patchs can complement nicely your existing warehouse systems. We do partner with Honeywell for hardware related challenges.

Reporting and Dashboards: we have hands full of KPI reporting, interfacing, interrelating and making sense of big-data in comprehensive dashboards for General Management. From ROI on consignments to stock prediction and backorder minization, we have lived most of these challenges already.




Our technical team will be pleased to answer your questions. Feel free to post us your challenge!

We have different entry points for our support depending on the type of technology. If you are unsure what is the area you are looking for, just select general support and your request will be routed to the right person internally.

Please select Windows, Android, IOS platforms below.

For IoT, cloud or amazon related requests please select the Windows option.





Contact with us!

Contact with us, we will be pleased to answer your queries


Av. Meridiana 350 13ºC 08027 - Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 274 14 19


Av. Congost 4-6, Nave 7
Tel: +34 93 274 14 19